YES on Measure W and NO on Prop. 6

Many of you have already mailed your ballots in, Thank you!

For those who haven't, I'm going to make another pitch for YES on Measure W and NO on Prop. 6.

Measure W is a 1/2 cent sales tax measure that will provide 2.4 billion dollars for transit and transportation over 30 years -- that *stays* in San Mateo County. *Half* of the money will go to public transit (Caltrain and SamTrans) to maintain and improve on existing service. Over 14,000 people weighed in on what should be in the expenditure plan (and the SamTrans board and County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved it for the ballot), and highway congestion relief projects were high on their list. 22.5% of the money will go to these projects (think 92/101 and 101/Produce Ave. in SSF, for example.) 12.5% goes to cities for road projects (yes, SB1 helps, but many cities are still struggling to get their potholes filled and roads repaved) and grade separation planning. 10% goes to SMC/regional projects (for example, the reactivation of the Dumbarton Rail Corridor,) and 5% for bike/ped projects. As for Prop 6, if it passes, Belmont will lose around $600,000 per year in state SB1 funds that we plan to use to repair dilapidated roads. With SB1 funds and Measure I, we have a chance to finally get *all* the roads in Belmont up to snuff in 10 years or less. If Prop 6 passes, you can push that horizon back significantly. And SM County will lose $300M over the next 10 years. And California will lose $54B over the next 10 years. This will mean more significant costs over time as our cruddy infrastructure degrades further and becomes ever more expensive to fix.

Please, please, YES on W and NO on 6. Here's a great piece on WAlso, check out the Yes on W website. You can see the diverse coalition of leaders and groups supporting the measure here

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