Jerry Hill CA State Senator

Jerry Hill was elected to the California Senate in November 2012 and took his oath of office in the state Capitol on December 3, 2012.

Kevin Mullin CA Assembly Speaker Pro Tem

Kevin Mullin was elected in 2012, 2014 and 2016 to the California State Assembly representing the 22nd District in San Mateo County.

Marc Berman CA Assemblymember

Marc Berman was elected to the California Assembly in 2016 representing the 24th District in southern San Mateo County.



Elected or Appointed Officials
Community Leaders
Jackie Speier - Congresswoman Jessica Stone - World's Best Wife/Community Leader/Former SchoolForce Board Member
Laura Reed
San Mateo Daily Journal 
Jerry Hill - State Senator, District 13 Tim Hoffman - Belmont Education Leader Belmont Firefighters Association
Scott Wiener - State Senator, District 11 Anne Hoffman San Mateo County Firefighters Association (Local 2400)
Kevin Mullin - California State Assemblymember, District 22 Jeff Selman - Belmont Community Leader San Mateo County Democrats
Marc Berman - California State Assemblymember, District 24 Cheryl Selman San Mateo County Labor Council COPE
Evan Low - California State Assemblymember, District 28 Jeff Schnitz - Belmont Education Leader Peninsula Young Democrats
Rich Gordon - Former CA State Assemblymember, District 23/Former SMC Supervisor Sarah Schnitz BAYMEC (Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee) 
Fiona Ma - CA Board of Equalization (District 2)/Former CA Assembly Speaker Pro Tem (District 12)/Former San Francisco Supervisor Stephanie Davies - Belmont Heights Neighborhood Leader  San Mateo County Association of Realtors 
Dave Pine - President, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Mike Davies Tri-County California Apartment Association
Carole Groom - Vice-President, SM County Board of Supervisors Gina Latimerlo - Homeview Neighborhood Leader AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees) Council 57
Don Horsley - San Mateo County Supervisor/Former SM County Sheriff Bal Kay - Belmont Youth Sports Leader Teamsters Local 856
Warren Slocum - San Mateo County Supervisor/Former SMC Chief Elections Officer & Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder Mary Morrissey Parden - Belmont Business Community Leader IBEW Local 617
David Canepa - San Mateo County Supervisor Lenore Griffin - Belmont Business Community Leader San Mateo County Building Trades Council
Adrienne Tissier - Former San Mateo County Supervisor Wendy Garrish Carpenters Union Local 217 
Anne Campbell - Superintendent, San Mateo County Office of Education John Garrish NDNU Faculty Association 
Mike Keefe - Retired San Mateo-Foster City- Belmont Fire Chief Marit Parten  
Doug Kim - Mayor, City of Belmont Jamie Dal Porto - Youth Sports Leader  
Davina Hurt - Vice-Mayor, City of Belmont Joe Dal Porto     
Julia Mates - Appointed Councilmember, City of Belmont Clarissa Naftzger  
David Braunstein - Former Mayor and Councilmember, City of Belmont Robin Pang-Maganaris - Belmont Education Community Leader  
Adele Della Santina- Former Mayor and Councilmember, City of Belmont Gary Maganaris  
Cathy Wright - Former Councilmember, City of Belmont/Former President, Belmont Redwood Shores School District Board of Trustees Chuck Velschow  
Paul Wright - Former Councilmember, City of Belmont Faith Velschow  
Dave Bauer - Former Councilmember, City of Belmont Alyse Tognotti  
Huan Phan - President, Belmont Redwood Shores School Board David Tognotti  
Rahila Passi - Trustee, Belmont Redwood Shores School District Diane Bailey - Belmont Environmental Action Leader  
Brian Matthews - Former President/Trustee, Belmont Redwood Shores School District Gary White - Belmont Environmental Action Leader  
Chuck Velschow - Former President/Trustee, Belmont Redwood Shores School District Wes Bailey  
Matthew Zucca - Board Member, Mid-Peninsula Water District Tanu Wakefield - Former Belmont Poet Laureate  
Amy Clay Goldfarb - Planning Commissioner, City of Belmont Azi Dennler  
Justin Hendrix - Planning Commissioner, City of Belmont Bruce Dennler  
Nathan Majeski - Planning Commissioner, City of Belmont Joe McDonough  
Kathy Meola - Planning Commissioner, City of Belmont Laura Tashjian  
Steve Simpson - Former Planning Commissioner, City of Belmont Brian Dragun   
Ulla Foehr - Belmont Parks and Recreation Commissioner Marci Dragun   
Craig Michales - Belmont Parks and Recreation Commissioner Barbara Fetterly  
Nicki Fox - Belmont Parks and Recreation Commissioner Dennis Fetterly  
Chuck Cotton - Belmont Parks and Recreation Commissioner Steve Rianda  
Karl Mittelstadt - Belmont Parks and Recreation Commissioner Tanya Rianda  
Susan Wright - Former Belmont Parks and Recreation Commissioner Scott Brylow  
Mike Davis - Former Belmont Parks and Recreation Commissioner Drew Healy - Belmont Youth Sports Leader  
Judy King - Former Belmont Parks and Recreation Commissioner Zeljko Zivkovic - Belmont Youth Sports Leader  
Carlos Bolanos - Sheriff, San Mateo County Debbie Wilhelm  
Sandie Arnott - Treasurer, San Mateo County Andrew Carpenter  
Robert Foucrault - Coroner, San Mateo County Nerina Carpenter  
Juan Raigoza - Controller, San Mateo County Nancy Jung  
Virginia Chang Kiraly - San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner Michael Jung  
Alan Sarver - Trustee/Former President, Sequoia Union High School District Michelle Kelley  
Carrie DuBois - Trustee/Former President, Sequoia Union High School District Steve Kelley   
Allen Weiner - Trustee/Former President, Sequoia Union High School District Wayne Loeb  
Laura Martinez - Former Trustee, Sequoia Union High School District/Former Councilmember, East Palo Alto Amanda Greco  
Kalimah   Saluhuddin   - Trustee/Former President, Jefferson Union High School District Melissa Lukin  
Jeff Gee - Councilmember/Former Mayor, Redwood City Mark Kelley  
John Seybert - Councilmember/Former Mayor, Redwood City Mary Beth Kelley  
Alicia Aguirre - Councilmember/Former Mayor, Redwood City Paige Perez  
Shelly Masur - Redwood City Councilmember/Former Redwood City School Board President/Trustee Pam Clarke - Belmont Education Community Leader  
Giselle Hale - Redwood City Planning/Candidate for Redwood City Council Cynthia Badiey  
Jason Galisatus - Vice Chair, Redwood City Complete Streets Committee/Candidate for Redwood City Council Nima Badiey  
Rick Bonilla - Mayor, City of San Mateo Mike Aydelott  
Diane Papan - Deputy Mayor, City of San Mateo Kim Dunne  
Joe Goethals - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of San Mateo Mike Dunne   
Eric Rodriguez - Councilmember, City of San Mateo Ethan Stock  
Mike Etheridge - Planning Commissioner, City of San Mateo Rika Stock  
Sam Hindi - Mayor, Foster City Elsa Schafer  
Gary Pollard - Vice-Mayor, Foster City    
Herb Perez - Councilmember, Foster City Eric Lee - Special Education Teacher  
Charlie Bronitsky - Councilmember/Former Mayor, Foster City Ken Housley  
Pam Frisella - Former Mayor, Foster City Robert Warfield  
Gina Papan - Mayor, City of Millbrae Jill Warfield  
Wayne Lee - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of Millbrae Ardythe Andrews - Belmont Education Community Leader  
Reuben Holober - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of Millbrae Zack Ross - President, Peninsula Democratic Coalition  
Rico Medina - Mayor, City of San Bruno David Burruto  
Michael Salazar - Councilmember, City of San Bruno Shaunda Scruggs  
Marty Medina - Councilmember, City of San Bruno Wes Finley  
Jim Ruane - Former Mayor, City of San Bruno Claire Finley  
Ken Ibarra - Former Councilmember, City of San Bruno Aamer Hai  
Michael Brownrigg - Mayor, City of Burlingame Aaliyah Naqvi-Hai  
Ricardo Ortiz - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of Burlingame Kunlong Gu - Education Community Leader  
Emily Beach - Councilmember, City of Burlingame Michael Sganga  
Ron Collins - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of San Carlos Jim Howard - Belmont Education Community Leader  
Cameron Johnson - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of San Carlos Ardythe Andrews - Belmont Education Community Leader  
Mark Olbert - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of San Carlos Laura Peterans  
Rich Garbarino - Councilmember/Former Mayor, South San Francisco Kathleen Durrans  
Pradeep Gupta - Councilmember/Former Mayor, South San Francisco Gary Durrans  
Rick Kowalczyk - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of Half Moon Bay Heidi Hagler  
Ray Mueller - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of Menlo Park Chris Hagler  
Cliff Lentz - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of Brisbane Tim Barsy  
Cory Wolbach - Councilmember, City of Palo Alto Patricia Leggett-Wantz  
Greg Scharff - Councilmember, City of Palo Alto Adam Wantz  
Adrian Fine - Councilmember, City of Palo Alto Martha Simmons  
Marie Chuang - Mayor, Town of Hillsborough Jeff Windsor  
Larry May - Councilmember/Former Mayor, Town of Hillsborough Rand Wacker  
Maryann Moise - DerwinCouncilmember/Former Mayor, Town of Portola Valley Alexis Garcia  
Jeff Aalfs - Councilmember/Former Mayor, Town of Portola Valley; President, Peninsula Clean Energy Board of Directors Matt McMichaels  
Daniel Yost - Councilmember, Town of Woodside Christina McMichaels  
Carlos Romero - Councilmember, City of East Palo Alto Georgina Mascaren - 30 Year Resident/Affordable Housing Advocate  
Glenn Sylvester - Councilmember/Former Mayor, Daly City Herman Man  
Mike Guingona - Councilmember/Former Mayor, Daly City Yvonne Man  
Helen Fisicaro - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of Colma Matt Kerby  
Rick Degolia - Councilmember/Former Mayor, Town of Atherton Michelle Kerby  
Mike O'Neill - Councilmember/Former Mayor, City of Pacifica Richard Sim  
Zoe Kersteen - TuckerDirector, San Mateo County Transit District Erika Sim  
Josh Powell - Director, San Mateo County Transit District/Belmont Resident Romeo Linares  
Allisa Mac - AvoyTrustee, Redwood City School District Susan Linares  
Shara Watkins - Trustee, San Mateo-Foster City School District Eric Manning - Belmont Education Community Leader  
Neil Layton - Trustee, San Carlos School District Chris Flood  
Cliff Robbins - Public Works Commissioner, City of San Mateo Judith Mac Flood  
Nicole Fernandez - Community Relations Commissioner, City of San Mateo Bob Doust  
Jeff Adair - Former Chair, San Mateo County Democratic Party Marina Gever   
  Eric Raffin  
  Angela Raffin   
  Joe Andrews  
  Lesley Andrews  
  Ajay Patel  
  Teresa Patel   
  Jonathan Sorger   
  Erin Laser  
  Dave Laser  
  Alanna Filippi  
  Tiffany Scatena  
  Casey Scatena   
  Jessica Epstein  



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